Renegade Playground Challenge

“They teach anything in universities today. You can major in mud pies.” – Orson Welles


Renegade Playground Challenge

“Life is made up of marble and mud.” – Nathaniel Hawthorne


Renegade Playground Challenge

“I like my women to be feminine, not sliding into tackles and covered in mud.” – Brian Clough (the Renegade team highly disagrees)


Renegade Playground Challenge

“I had been found in a mud puddle at 4:30 in the morning.” – Lance Loud


Renegade Playground Challenge

“I think people expect mud at festivals, I think you’d be asking for your money back if you didn’t get it.” – Peter Hook


Renegade Playground Challenge

“I made all my generals out of mud.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


Renegade Playground Challenge

“You have to lift your head up out of the mud and just do it.” – Teri Garr




Remember recess? Wasn’t it a fantastic break from listening and thinking and learning? Of course, the bad thing was all those teachers yelling “Don’t climb on that,” or “Slow down!” Well, the Renegade Playground Challenge is like Recess, Unsupervised! Go ahead and run fast, climb over that wall, crawl through that mud. If you hear any yelling, it’s just your fellow Renegades cheering you on!


The 5K run is part of a fun-filled, family-friendly festival atmosphere, where individual racers and teams come together to spend a day running, jumping, falling, drinking (most Renegades do this post race!) and raising money for local charities.


The bottom line: We want our Renegades to have fun at the Renegade Playground Challenge. Sure, you can get to the front of the starting line and maybe even be the overall winner of your age group. But most people just want to have fun and get muddy with their friends. And if you want to dress like Elvis Presley or Cat Woman, go for it!

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